Have you ever been in that position when you are trying to decide what book to read from an author? I know I have! With many authors, there are a lot of choices on which book or series to start next, so I decided to help you out and share my top four books by Amy Clipston.

A Mother's Secret–I read this book a while ago, but I was really captivated by the young boy, Benjamin. My heart went out to him as he was pushed around and the way he was treated at the beginning of the book. I was quickly drawn into this story.

Destination Unknown–I loved this book! I was so engrossed in the story that I had a horrible time putting it down! I connected with Whitney and I felt her struggle through the story. I honestly felt like the characters were real people and that Whitney was telling me the story. I’m not one to read a book again, but I feel like I could read this again. It was well worth the time I spent reading it!

The Gift of Love–I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Amy and reading her books over the past few years. I knew parts of her kidney donation story where she gave her kidney to someone and her husband received one from someone else. I’ve also been able to see Amy’s passion for the National Kidney Foundation. I really enjoyed getting to better know Amy through her honesty and vulnerability in this story.

The Courtship Basket–Get ready to be pulled into the story of Rachel Fisher and the story of her love, David. It’s the day of her sister’s wedding. Rachel observed the ceremony and her sister is now married. In the distance, she hears voices she knows. Voices of her best friend and David. The day her sister has longed for, the day she should be happy, she receives a broken heart. I loved the storyline of this book! I really enjoyed the concept of the wedding and felt Rachel's hurt.

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There you have it! My top four books by Amy Clipston (so far). If you have read Amy's books, what is your FAVORITE one? Let me know in the comments below!