Get ready for the final book in Denise Hunter’s Summer Harbor Series. This swoon worthy book deals with family struggle, a marine who returns home, and the last eligible Callahan bachelor.

Riley Callahan watched his best friend, Paige, fall in love with his brother, Beau. This caused Riley to join the marines and go to boot camp. Over a year later, we find Beau and Paige no longer an item and Riley’s tour in Afghanistan being up.

Riley planned on telling Paige all of his feelings about her, but that was changed when an IED leaves Riley an amputee.

In Just a Kiss we read of Riley coming home, injured and troubled. He is no longer set on winning Paige because he believes she deserves much more than the man that’s left.

In a very real and heart wrenching fashion Hunter pulls on the emotions of the reader as I felt Riley’s pain in letting Paige go. While Riley is ready to give up on his dream with Paige, his family arranges for him to stay with her.

Paige, on the other hand, is a compassionate and caring person. She is more than happy to take care of her best friend. While Riley sees what is missing, Paige sees what is there.

I really enjoyed the way Denise held my heart and continually pulled it through the entire story. I felt the hurt in Riley and saw the love in Paige. The characters were real and struggled.

The characters did use the word “freaking” a little much, which started to get annoying, however that wouldn’t be enough for me to skip reading this book.

Riley also lives in Paige’s house when he first comes back, however they have separate bedrooms and the intention is for him to move out.

While you can read this book without reading any of the other books in the series, I would strongly recommend reading the books in order. I think the story will just be that much better.

I am sad that this series has come to an end, but this book was a great ending to the series! It has real emotions, hurt, love, and of course, a kiss.

*I received a free copy of this product to facilitate this post, however you, my readers, come first and all opinions are my own.

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