I was waiting for a new Charles Martin book for a while and I was really interested in seeing what he did with a fictional story based on the Prodigal Son. In Martin’s book Long Way Gone readers are reminded that no matter how far you go, you can always come home.

At first this story was interesting. I enjoyed the musical concept and Martin really seemed to know what he was talking about in referring to the different guitars.

While I started out interested in the story, it started to flatline and remind me of a very similar story, The Song which is about a singer who loses it all in search of fame. It is based on Song of Solomon, but had main components of the Prodigal Son in that the husband does things he shouldn’t and then has to seek forgiveness. The plot in both the movie and book have similar elements.

While this comparison doesn’t mean the book was bad, it just wasn’t that interesting to me. Also, the fact that it was based on the Prodigal Son gave me a pretty good understanding of where the book was going to lead.

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