What happens when an author falls in love with the cover model of her book? You get swept into the pages of Melissa Tagg’s Christmas novella, One Enchanted Christmas.

As we step into the pages of this novella, we are met with a narrator who adds whimsical commentary to liven up the story. I loved how the narrator filled in the gaps of what happened that glimmering winter evening a year before this story really picks up.

On that December day, author Maren Grant had the chance to attend the photo shoot for her very first book. After the shoot, she found herself on a date with the cover model, Colin Renwycke.

Skipping one year later, where the majority of the story takes place, Grant has a looming deadline and she has to get her story written. She is afraid of being a one hit wonder as she is stuck on her current story.

After her date with Colin a year ago, Maren is still unable to forget about him or his invitation to write at his family’s farm. Although Maren hasn’t heard from Colin, she decides on a whim to take him up on his offer.

This adventure becomes a whimsical and fun read as a lot of changes have taken place since that December a year ago. Changes that take the reader on a fun and unpredictable story.

I loved the setting of this story. Melissa Tagg has done a wonderful job of bringing Maple Valley, Iowa to life. I really enjoyed the way this story fit with the Walker Family Series I’m currently reading.

With love, mistakes, and a Christmas wish One Enchanted Christmas was truly a unique story that put me in the mood of the Christmas season. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in this series, One Enchanted Eve!