Devotionals are always something I struggle with. So many of them seem to be the same-they lack substance and the engagement I really want in a devotional time. The Simple Pursuit: A Heart After Jesus is more like that than I would like, but does have some features I like.

What I like about this devotional is the beginning introduction and readings about Passion and the heart behind it. As someone who has been part of Passion, I found this interesting to read and enjoyed getting a better understanding of it.

The fact that this is written by college students was something I had mixed feelings on. While I think it is really cool to have this feature, I had to put my full trust in the accuracy of individuals I know next to nothing about. That doesn’t mean the entries weren’t good or accurate, but it did make me a little extra cautious. Again, this isn’t because they are college students, I’d be this way with any authors I don’t know.

The devotional looks nice and has a bookmark to save your spot. I like the size of it and It looks like something you could give as a gift. I also love that the devotional is not broken own by day of the year, but by days in general. For example Day 1, instead of January 1st. This makes it less awkward to start in the middle of the year.

The entries are short, filling one page with a scripture passage, short writing, and a very brief prayer. The entries were thought provoking and it was neat reading from other millennials, although it doesn’t say who wrote which entries.

While I love the concept of this devotional, I don’t think the book does a good job of helping me engage with God’s Word or reflect on the reading. While many of the readings were good and gave me something valuable, I read them and then was finished.

I just wish the devotional offered more than what it does, like a spot for me to journal and recommended scripture readings. That would have made this product great!

I believe this devotional fits well with the many other journals you can purchase. I can’t say there is anything special about it over another devotional, unfortunately. As much as I want to love this, it just doesn’t engage and educate me the way I would like.

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*I received a free copy of this product to facilitate this post, however you, my readers, come first and all opinions are my own.