Are you ready for season 4 of When Calls the Heart?!?! I've been waiting since the moment season 3 ended for this season to begin!

In this first episode Abigail takes on her duties as mayor and it seems nearly everyone in Hope Valley wants her attention. I felt the struggle of Abigail's character as she was pulled to balance her already busy life trying to be a stronghold in Hope Valley.

Now to add to the chaos, The National Pacific Railroad wants to run a new route through Hope Valley but not all the residents are convinced it's in everyone's best interests and a heated debate ensues. Abigail, as the mayor, is responsible for this.

As discussion over the railroad ensues, we learn more about the challenges it can bring to Hope Valley. By the end of the episode we are left wondering how good this opportunity will be for the residents.

To add to the frustration in the town, Elizabeth is faced with the challenge of creating positive relationships between the new students from the settlement with the Hope Valley children. This theme through the episode reminded me of why so many of us have come to love When Calls the Heart. We were presented with a real life situation where the characters had to figure out how to pull everyone together.

We are also introduced to a new character in the school who broke my heart. I felt for the kid and enjoyed watching him tackle the challenges. This episode set us up for what I expect to be a very interesting season filled with surprises.