Jesus Bible Review
The Jesus Bible by Passion Publishing, Louie Giglio
Published by Zondervan on January 3rd 2017
Genres: Bibles
Pages: 2048
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My Rating: five-stars
About this Book

Sixty-Six Books. One Story. All About One Name.
Encounter the living Jesus in all of Scripture. From the Passion Movement, The Jesus Bible, NIV Edition, with exclusive articles from Louie Giglio, Max Lucado, John Piper, Ravi Zacharias, and Randy Alcorn, lifts Jesus up as the lead story of the Bible.
Textured yet soft to touch, classic woven material encases the Bible for smooth access to the faithful plot. Profound yet accessible study features help you meet Jesus throughout Scripture. See him in every book so that you may know him more intimately, love him more passionately, and walk with him more faithfully.

Introduction by Louie Giglio
66 book introductions highlight the story of Jesus in every book
7 compelling essays on the grand narrative of Scripture by Louie Giglio, Max Lucado, John Piper, Ravi Zacharias, and Randy Alcorn guide you to treasure Jesus and encourage you to faithfully follow him as you participate in his story
Over 300 full-page articles and nearly 700 sidebar articles reveal Jesus throughout all of Scripture
Single-column text of the most read, most trusted modern-English Bible -- the New International Version (NIV)
Room for notes and journaling throughout
NIV dictionary-concordance
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I love reading and sharing my latest book with readers like you. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I am friends with many authors and also have a client relationship with many of them. This book may be one I received from a current or future client. Regardless of my relationship with the author, this review reflects my honest opinions of the book. For more information view my full disclaimer policy.

I’m always hesitant to review a new Bible because there are so many “versions” out there and everyone seems to have their own preference when it comes to translations, contributors, editors, etc.

All that said, I honestly believe it is helpful to know about the features in a Bible when trying to make a decision on which one is best for you or someone you are purchasing one for. For that reason, I’m reviewing The Jesus Bible from Passion and Louie Giglio.

I will NOT be reviewing the contributors, editors, or the translation. If you want a deep theological review of this Bible, please look for a different review. I will be reviewing the specific features of this Bible and letting you know what I think about them, so let’s dive into The Jesus Bible.

The version of The Jesus Bible I have is the hardcover one. It has a grey cover on it. To be honest, I actually like the cover. It is textured, which makes it feel nice. I’m glad they went with this over what seems to be the standard glossy hardcover. I’m also glad they don’t have a “book jacket” because those can fall off.

The Jesus Bible opens with a welcome section from Louie Giglio. I’m guessing someone picking up this Bible will likely look at it because of Louie’s name on it. I found this section to be very helpful as Louie explained the purpose of The Jesus Bible and gave a great and engaging overview of what to expect.

I liked how Louie presented the whole Bible as a story where Jesus is part of it all. The breakdown using story terminology was very fitting and helped me gain a clear understanding of the layout of this Bible.

Each book of the Bible begins with a theme. Jesus:______________ I found this to be a nice, quick overview of the book as well as continuing with the story theme of seeing Jesus in every part of the Bible.

Each of the six acts through the Bible have articles written by various authors, Louie Giglio, Max Lucado, John Piper, Ravi Zacharias, and Randy Alcorn. These acts are woven in and help with the flow and understanding of the overall story.

Also inside are over 300 fill page articles and nearly 700 sidebar articles to reveal Jesus throughout all of Scripture. I honestly loved this feature! I remember reading children’s Bibles that help explain certain passages, but as I got older it seemed like Bibles for young adults didn’t do that as much. I like this feature as I found it to help me think through certain passages the contributors found important to point out.

I found the layout of this Bible to be beautiful! Many of the pages have room to write notes. I also really like the single column text. I know this is probably a personal preference, but I find it easier to read this way.

The Jesus Bible, NIV Edition – SAMPLER from HarperCollins Christian Publishing

As you can probably tell I love this Bible. I really like the concept that was taken with putting the articles and book introductions together. While the concept of showing how the whole Bible points to God may not be a “new” concept or new on the market, Louie Giglio and the team at Passion put together a great Bible!

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