Mandisa has always been one of my favorite artists. I love the sound of her voice, her energy, and personality. Seeing her in concert a couple times has allowed me to connect with her and hear her story.

Just like many people we know, maybe even ourselves, Mandisa has suffered from depression. While this may sound surprising coming from someone who I have seen putting on concerts and have met after the show-with a personality that is infectious-and the same person who sang the hugely popular song Overcomer, Mandisa is just like you and me. She is human. She is unfinished.

In her latest album, Out of the Dark, Mandisa shares her story of depression and the loss of her friend, which led to the depression. She doesn’t stop there, she shares how God brought her out of the dark and used her friends to speak to her.

In a very transparent album, Mandisa put it out there in a beautiful way, like I haven’t listened to before. This is actually the first album I’d suggest listening to in order because of the story it tells.

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To really get the most out of this album, I found it important to understand Mandisa’s story and the time these songs were coming from. Once I did that, every track on the album took on a deeper meaning.

What made this album unique were the spoken audio tracks mixed in. The first track is a voicemail from her friends trying to encourage her when they were shut out. Another is Mandisa sharing about her brother John coming to Christ. Something she sang about on her previous album.

I thoroughly enjoyed Out of the Dark. It is packed with Mandisa’s amazing voice, a story of hope and freedom in Christ, and the energy I’ve come to love from her.

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