Get ready for a tear jerker in Hallmark Movie and Mysteries’ new movie Home for Christmas Day.

Join Jane McKendrick, a single mother who is determined to protect her teenage daughter, Betsy, from the harsh realities of life. Jane’s husband was in the military and killed while on active duty. This is where Jane’s overprotection of Betsy comes from.

Before Christmas, Betsy falls in love with an enlisted man who will ship out before Christmas. Knowing the pain she has felt, Jane tries to keep Betsy focused on her future of becoming a veterinarian. Little does she realize her protection is actually hurting Betsy.

I really enjoyed this movie. I found the acting believable and the storyline to be very engaging. There was a surprise twist thrown in that made me question what would happen next.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, I did find the ending to be a little weak. Without going into much detail and giving away the ending, I felt the emotion could have been captured slightly better and interacted with me a little more. That said, I really enjoyed this movie.