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Since I was little, I had asked to be allowed to get a dog. For good reasons my parents always told me “no.” Three years ago I finally convinced them that I was ready to get a dog.

Before they gave me the final approval, we went over all of the responsibilities of owning a dog, from how much it would cost to provide for the dog, to the supplies I would need. While I looked online for the dog I wanted to rescue, it took patience as I prayed for the right dog for us.

One day I was on Facebook and a friend of mine posted about a litter of dogs that needed homes from a local rescue. We went to see the pups and, while they were all adorable, one stole our hearts and claimed us as her own.

A few days later, after purchasing the necessary supplies (plus a ton of things I thought I needed, but didn't), it was time to bring my baby home! Now I had researched and taken a course on house training a puppy. While I felt ready for the challenge, I hadn't planned on the sleepless nights where my puppy didn't want to sleep or the number of times I'd have to clean up the floor.

While my dog was a very fast learner, one of the most significant challenges was learning how to communicate with her. It took some time and a lot of trial and error to get in her head and learn how she thinks. Once I did this, she started catching on right away. Yes, she had her share of mistakes, like the time she destroyed her $40 dog bed and the time she escaped from her crate. Through this, I learned how to correct and forgive. I learned how I could do better to set her up for success in the future.

Fast forward three years and I have a well-behaved dog who is eager to learn and is willing to go outside her comfort zone with my encouragement and support. We have learned how to communicate and how each other operates. These lessons have guided me in how I approach different situations in life, as I am better able to stop and try to understand where others are coming from and have the ability to get creative in solving problems and helping others do the same.

Just as each of us has our own challenges, the West High School girls' volleyball team had a huge hurdle to overcome. The new movie The Miracle Season is based on their true story of the loss of their star player Caroline “Line” Found in an accident. The remaining team players must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in the hope of winning the state championship.