Thank you to Grace Hill Media for sponsoring this post for what looks to be an inspirational adventure.

Growing up, we may play pirates, go on grand adventures, or travel to make believe locations. Looking back at these adventures many times bring smiles to our faces as we remember times gone by.

One of my favorite adventures was going GeoCaching. As an Eagle Scout, I was brought up learning coordinates and how to read a map. GeoCaching takes those concepts and turns it into a fun, hands on adventure.

I remember being out with my family trying to find Caches. On a warm, summer evening, just as the sun was setting, we were led to a cache close to home, that location had the most beautiful sunset!

The funny thing was, we would ride past this spot every single day, yet none of us ever knew it existed or the beauty that could be found there. Thinking back on this adventure, it reminds me of the beauty of discovering something amazing that I didn't know existed.

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