Sing by Keith and Kristyn Getty Review
Sing!: How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty
Published by B Books on September 1, 2017
Genres: Non Fiction
Pages: 149
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My Rating: four-half-stars
About this Book

Sing! has grown from Keith and Kristyn Getty’s passion for congregational singing; it’s been formed by their traveling and playing and listening and discussing and learning and teaching all over the world. 
And in writing it, they have five key aims: 
• to discover why we sing and the overwhelming joy and holy privilege that comes with singing • to consider how singing impacts our hearts and minds and all of our lives • to cultivate a culture of family singing in our daily home life • to equip our churches for wholeheartedly singing to the Lord and one another as an expression of unity • to inspire us to see congregational singing as a radical witness to the world
They have also added a few “bonus tracks” at the end with some more practical suggestions for different groups who are more deeply involved with church singing.
God intends for this compelling vision of His people singing—a people joyfully joining together in song with brothers and sisters around the world and around his heavenly throne—to include you. He wants you,he wants us, to sing.

Today I have a nonfiction book to share with you. It is Sing! By Keith and Kristyn Getty. You may know them as the writers of the song In Christ Alone. Keith and Kristyn have a passion for congregational singing and this book has been formed by their traveling, playing, listening, discussing, learning, and teaching all over the world.

Church music has been a huge topic in the last few years, and I’m not here to get into the debate, but I enjoy many of the Getty songs and have had the privilege to attend one of their concerts (which was amazing with a full choir and more!), so I was interested in their perspective on congregational singing.

This book isn’t very long, which made for a quick read, but it has a lot of thought-provoking ideas. What I appreciated was the way the authors tried to address different areas of music, like how parents can encourage their kids to sing, the role pastors can play in congregational singing, and how the sound team contributes to the congregations singing.

Some of the areas were ones I hadn’t considered, and I found it interesting to look at congregational singing in a broader view than I had before. Whether I agree with everything they said is still to be determined, but this book did give me a more comprehensive view of singing in general and caused me to think more on the topic, which ultimately is what I hope to get from books like this.

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