A Seat by the Hearth by Amy Clipston Review
A Seat by the Hearth by Amy Clipston
Published by Zondervan on November 13, 2018
Pages: 336
Also by this author: An Amish Home, The Beloved Hope Chest, An Amish Summer, An Amish Christmas Love
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My Rating: five-stars
About this Book

In the third installment of Amy Clipston’s Amish Heirloom series, Priscilla Allgyer returns to the Amish community she’d dreamt of escaping and learns the hard lessons of love and forgiveness from a surprising source.
In order to escape an abusive boyfriend, Priscilla Allgyer returns to the community she thought she’d left behind forever—returning with her six-year-old son after being excommunicated and estranged from her family for years. Her mother welcomes them, but her father is cold, only allowing her to live with them if she dresses plainly, confesses her sins, and agrees to marry within the community. Once again, she feels suffocated and trapped.
Priscilla reluctantly completes her shunning but notices Mark Riehl, a farmer with a playboy reputation, remaining kind to her and her son. After her father and the bishop catch Mark and Priscilla in a compromising situation, the two are compelled to enter an awkward engagement that neither had planned.
As Priscilla and Mark get married and live as friends, love quietly grows between them. Together they learn not only how to love and trust, but also how to move beyond the past and build a future for their unexpected new family.

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Once again Amy Clipston delivers with a deeper look into the Amish life in A Seat by the Hearth, book three in her Amish Homestead series. This is one of my favorite Amish Fiction series because of the unique characters and storylines. This installment is no exception.

Priscilla grew up Amish but left the community to become an Englisher. Now she has a six-year-old son and decides to return to the one place she never wanted to return to. Since she left her Amish faith, this caused a lot of hurt in her family, and her return isn’t received as well as one would hope, particularly by her father. On top of that, Priscilla is shunned.

Mixed into all of this is Priscilla’s son who was raised as an Englisher. You can imagine the questions that went through his mind. Clipston did an excellent job at giving us glimpses into what he thought as he would ask Priscilla questions. He also saw his mom leaving the church service before dinner so she wouldn’t have to eat at a separate table and him telling her that he wanted to stay.

Mark Riehl is a character! He doesn’t realize it, but he flirts with all of the girls in the community. Priscilla catches Mark’s eye, but she doesn’t trust him and tries to keep her distance. Mark isn’t used to being ignored by women, so he continues to pursue Priscilla.

A Seat by the Hearth was an interesting journey. My heart went out to Priscilla’s son as he was thrown into a new world. I learned a little more about the shunning process as we watched Priscilla on her journey back to the community. Now I’m waiting for the next, and unfortunately, the last installment in this series to release.

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