Network/Studio: Hallmark Channel
Released: January 5, 2019
Leads: Emilie Ullerup (Jenny), Kevin McGarry (Craig), Meghan Heffern (Lana), Habree Larratt (Sara), and Melanie Mullen (Meg)
My Rating: five-stars

About the Movie

When Jenny attends her sister’s winter wedding at an ice hotel, her heart melts over the best man, the problem is he unexpectedly brings a “plus one,” seemingly dashing her hopes for a wintery romance.

I was really happy to see Bree (Emilie Ullerup) from Chesapeake Shores in this movie. Hallmark can get the stereotype of “the same old movie,” and in some ways that’s true, but it seems like they are trying to break away from that a little, as we got to see with this movie being set at a real location. Whoever decided to have this movie at the ice castle did a great job! I loved the setting so much that I actually stopped the movie to look up the hotel because I wanted to learn more about the hotel. This unique setting made the movie that much more enjoyable as the story developed, we got to see more of the amazing ice carvings. I truly felt transported into the location.

Now that I've gushed over the location, let's talk about the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It took a slightly different spin from the many hallmark movies I have watched. This is probably the first time I felt torn between two of the characters. At one point in the movie, my heart sank a little, which was a surprising feeling for a Hallmark movie.

From the beautifully unique setting to the engaging story and having Emilie Ullerup as a lead, this movie was one I enjoyed watching and would add to my watch list again.