Network/Studio: Hallmark Channel
Released: March 2, 2019
Leads: Meghann Fahy and Luke Macfarlane
My Rating: four-stars

About this Movie

Meeting in culinary school, Carly and Jason develop chemistry while playfully vying to be top chef. Jason suddenly disappears, but they meet again three years later, on “Kitchen Showdown,” competing to win their own restaurant. Caught on camera sharing heartfelt gazes, the smitten chefs are competitive yet still supportive of one another. But when they become finalists, emotions boil over and Carly is led to believe Jason’s copying her dish. Only one can win, but if their relationship winds up on the chopping block, they both will lose.

Just Add Romance was a unique Hallmark Movie as it had some unexpected plot twists. It also allowed for some interaction because of the constant driven characters.

As someone who has watched many cooking competitions on Food Network, I really enjoyed the theme of this movie and the way we got to see what it may be like being on one of those shows. As we were watching, we did what we always do when we watch a cooking competition, we tried to guess who would be eliminated next. While we had a pretty good guess at how this cooking show would go, it made for a fun and interactive movie.

Our family kinda has the pattern of many Hallmark movies figured out, but this one followed a slightly different script which made for a fun and enjoyable movie.