Network/Studio: Hallmark Channel
Released: March 3, 2019
Leads: Erin Krakow (Elizabeth), Lori Loughlin (Abigail), Jack Wagner (Bill), Martin Cummins (Gowen), Pascale Hutton (Rosemary)
My Rating: five-stars

About this Episode

When Lucas, a businessman from out of town, arrives in Hope Valley, Bill and Abigail are on high alert and Bill investigates the mystery man with some help from a spy at the town’s new switchboard. Elizabeth teaches one of her students to find his confidence. Intrigued by the stock market, Abigail solicits Gowen’s investment help. Meanwhile, Clara applies for a job at the saloon.

***The following content may contain spoilers.***

This season of When Calls the Heart is gearing up to be an interesting season. In this episode we got to meet the new owner of the saloon, Lucas. He was greeted by mixed reactions from the residents of Hope Valley. Sheriff Bill Avery was very skeptical of the new resident. Abigail seemed to more open to giving him the benefit of the doubt, but she did seem to share some reservations. The twist at the end of the episode left viewers with number of open ended questions for this season to answer.

While Lee wasn’t in this episode as much as the last one, it was ironic to see Rosemary taking to the phone switchboard operator about gossip. It was also fun to see the Faith and Carter together. In classic Rosemary fashion, she had her “told you so” look when they were dancing.
There was also the exchange near the end of this episode between Gowan and Abigail which hinted at a possible development between the two of them. We will have to see how all of this plays out over the remainder of the season.