An Amish Reunion by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Irvin Review
An Amish Reunion by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin
Published by Zondervan on April 9, 2019
Pages: 400
Also by this author: An Amish Home, The Beloved Hope Chest, An Amish Summer, An Amish Christmas Love, An Amish Heirloom: A Legacy of Love, The Cedar Chest, The Treasured Book, A Midwife's Dream, Written in Love, The Promise of a Letter (Amish Letter #2)
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My Rating: four-half-stars
About this Book

From bestselling authors in the Amish genre come four stories about reuniting with those you love.
Their True Home by Amy Clipston
When Marlene Bawell moved from Bird-in-Hand ten years ago, she was in the deepest of mourning for her mother. Now they have moved back so her father can seek employment after being laid off. To help save money, Marlene works at the hardware store owned by Rudy Swarey’s father. She knew Rudy growing up and didn’t think much of him—because he was so immature! But just as she starts to realize how much Rudy has changed, her life is once again turned upside down. Will Marlene ever have a chance to find her own true home?
A Reunion of Hearts by Beth Wiseman
Elizabeth and Gideon Beiler experienced one of life’s most tragic events. Unable to get past their grief, the couple abandoned their Amish faith and went in different directions, though neither could bear to formally dissolve the marriage. When their loved ones reach out to them to come home for a family reunion, Elizabeth has reason to believe that Gideon won’t be there. Gideon also thinks that Elizabeth has declined the invitation. Family and friends are rooting for them to reunite, but will it all be enough for Elizabeth and Gideon to get past their grief and recapture a time when they were in love and had a bright future ahead of them?
A Chance to Remember by Kathleen Fuller
Cevilla Schlabach, Birch Creek’s resident octogenarian matchmaker, is surprised when Richard, a man from her Englisch past, arrives in Birch Creek for a visit. While he and Cevilla take several walks down memory lane, they wonder what the future holds for them at this stage of life—friendship, or the possibility of something else?
Mended Hearts by Kelly Irvin
At eighteen Hannah Kauffman made a terrible mistake. Her parents and members of her Jamesport Amish community say they’ve forgiven her. But she feels their eyes following her everywhere she goes with eighteen-month-old Molly. Thaddeus, Molly’s father, escaped this fate by running away to Jamesport. Now that Thaddeus is gone, Hannah’s old friend Phillip is stepping up to be by her side. He has waited patiently for Hannah to realize just how much he cares for her. But when Thaddeus returns after two years, Hannah can’t deny the love she feels for him. Does the fact that Phillip has waited patiently for her all this time mean that she owes him something? Can she trust either one of them? Can she trust herself? She has repented and been forgiven by the One who is most important—her heavenly Father. But is she willing to risk making more mistakes by opening herself up to love?

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Family Reunions can be a time of rejoicing or time of awkwardness for many people, but family is something we all need. Whether this is an extended family, an adopted family, or a close-knit family. For the Amish, family is very important. We see this in the ways they care for one another. In An Amish Reunion by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Irvin, we are transported into the lives of four different Amish families and their stories about home and heart.

I enjoyed this collection not only because of the stories about family and that I got to reconnect with characters from other work by the authors but because of the diversity of the stories.

In Their True Home by Amy Clipston, we read about Rudy Swarey and Marlene. You may remember Rudy from Amy's book Seasons of an Amish Garden. Marlene had a crush on Rudy growing up, but her family moved and she never had the chance to explore a relationship with him. Now they are back and she is working at the hardware store of Rudy's father and finally has the chance for a relationship with Rudy when she finds out that it may all have to end.

In A Reunion of Hearts by Beth Wiseman, we read about Ruth and Gideon Beiler who experienced the loss of their daughter which caused the couple to separate. While still married, the couple has left their Amish faith and gone in different directions. Now both invited back to a family reunion and both believing the other won't go, they decide to attend the reunion. With the support of friends and family, can the two come back together and overcome their grief?

In A Chance to Remember by Kathleen Fuller, we read about Cevilla Schlabach who is the town matchmaker. I was really happy to see Cevilla getting her own story because I loved her in Words from the Heart. In this story, an English man from her past arrives in Birch Creek for a visit. Will Cevilla find love at her stage in life?

In Mended Hearts by Kelly Irvin, we read about Hannah Kauffman who had a baby out of wedlock and the baby's father run away on her. She is now caring for her child and feeling like everyone in the town, despite saying they have forgiven her, is watching her every move waiting for her to mess up again. Phillip, an old friend of Hannah, has stepped in to help her. Phillip has been waiting for Hannah to realize how much he cares for her when the baby's father, Thaddeus, returns. Now conflicted, Hannah has to make the choice of who she can trust.

Filled with stories of forgiveness, love, and coming home, An Amish Reunion was another enjoyable novella collection by some of the best Amish Fiction writers.

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