Released: July 2, 2019
Cast: Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders, Jon Favreau, JB Smoove, Jacob Batalon, Martin Starr, with Marisa Tomei and Jake Gyllenhaal
My Rating: five-stars

About this Movie

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.

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As they said in the trailer, if you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame, then you will probably want to see that first because this movie spoils some HUGE parts of that movie. I'm saying this from experience because I didn't see Endgame before seeing this movie and there were some big surprises.

This movie felt different from some of the other Marvel movies in that Peter Parker is just your “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” and therefore, we see him with his school buddies and thinking about the girl he wants to notice him. It's aspects like these that make Spider-Man relatable and gives a unique perspective to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It was interesting to see how Spider-Man's travels developed and his class trip turned into a lot more than just a fun time away. This allowed numerous plot lines to intertwine and create an engaging and action-packed movie.

The surprise twists (both in this movie and from not seeing Endgame) added an engaging layer to this movie I didn't expect. One of the surprise twists I didn't see coming was the clip in the end credits which has me already anticipating the next movie.