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When I Hated to Read and the UglyDolls Movie

Growing up, I didn’t like reading. I know…I know…I read a lot now and reading a good bo, but there was a time when I just about hated to read. I would be sitting in class and some of my classmates would pull out this thick fiction bo, half-finished, and I would pull out my little paperback, almost embarrassed to even let people see me reading such a “short bo”. Reading felt like a punishment for getting your schoolwork done early, instead of a reward.

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Jesus: His Life-Sneak Peek Video

For many, there are certain Bible verses that have inspired them, that have spen to them in the seasons of life they are going through. Some of these verses have become life verses, helping guide the principles we base our lives on. Other times, they shed a new light on a familiar story as we take time to focus on a particular bo or theme.

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I enjoy reading books by my favorite authors (and clients), discovering new authors, watching movies and Hallmark Channel, and listening to Christian and Country music. I have the incredible job of helping creatives do more marketing in less time so they can focus on the work they love.

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